A short descripition of our activity
The Foundation on its terrain of 3,5 hectares owns five living quarters, which are inhabited by 420 people (former residents of worker's hotels), of whom 235 people take advantage of indirect support and 90 people live in the House for the Homeless, where they are supported with full non-stop social care, board, medical care and help of the volunteers.

In the House for the Homeless live only males, although exceptionally we admit also females (in the situation of crisis).

These are people, who found themselves in a very difficult social situation, often without their fault.

The main reasons of their situation are:
1. addiction to alcohol,
2. criminal background,
3. helplessness,
4. inability to adapt to the new social and economical situation,
5. family break-up that leads to homelessness.

Foundation also supports children from families, who found themselves in a difficult economical situation, providing them with board and clothes. Sometimes we have to make very difficult choices, and instead of bringing help wherever it's possible, we have to look for the financial donations. We hope that our help will make the difficult situation of our inmates more bearable. Thanks to donated funds we can ensure them peace, stabilisation, regular meals, medical care as well as provide them with sense of integration with the society, that abondoned them.

One cannot enclose in numbers the amount of human misfortune, that has been and will be avoided due to allocated funds. We hope that you also support praiseworthy aim of helping the homeless people.