The Management of St. Brother's Albert's Gdańsk Foundation of Christian Culture in Gdańsk  ul. Równa 14
since 1993 until present day has achieved following goals:
1. Establishment of the House for the Homeless for over 90 inmates (males) with full pedagogical, medical and social service.

2. Social and financial care   for the poor and homeless families living in the Foundation's district.

3. Medical attention for the patients after the heart transplantation from the Pomeranian voivodship (12 people). Regular consultations with the doctors, transport of the patients to a clinic for a specialistic treatment, offering medical facilities and other organisational help.

4. Establishment of the canteen and the kitchen facilities.

5. Activities aiming to lessen the results of unemployment - creation of the work posts for handicapped by employing them in the laundry, workshops and the kitchen, as well as providing them with help to search for work in other institutions.

6. Widespread social care for the homeless.

7. From the initiative of the Regional Social Help Center in Gdańsk we created 8 places of critical intervetion with full non-stop care and lodging.

8. In 1995 the heating system has been modernized. Hence the usage of energy improved and the pollution as well as the costs of maintenance decreased.
10.04.2002 y

9. We have accomplished the following programmes and allocations:

a) Programme of the Ministry of Work and Social Policy 022 PHARE applying to the modernisation of heating systems of the facility for the homeless.
b) Programme of Little Donations of the Global Enviromental Fund UNDP  -  programme to decrease the emission of noxious gases.
c) Programmmes of the Ministry od Work and Social Policy for the activites in the field of the help for homeless people.
d) Programme  WZPS  (action winter)
e)  In December 1997 the department of motorial physiotherapy affiliated by the Centre of Rehabilitation in Dzierżążno has been estabilished (the Dutch programme).
f) Allocation from the Ministry of Work and Social Policy aimed to help orphants and disadvanted people.
g) Programme from the City of Gdańsk budget for the modernization of kitchen facilities.
h) In 1999 a modernization of the sewer pump station of the has been conducted.
i) In 2000 a programme from  the City of Gdańsk budget has been realised - "Refurnishment of the House for the Homeless".
10. Action "Summer 2000" - nourishment of the children from the disadvanted families residing in the Cultural Centre.
11. Cooperation with the Polish - German foundation.

- Attempting to maintain the "Equipment of the kitchen facilities" donation.
- 2000 - attempting to be granted with the donation from the City of Gdańsk budget.